Three Ways To Fight Pests In Your Home

Your home isn’t just your home, you share it with all sorts of bugs and critters. Some of them are ones you don’t want to live with. So, how do you get rid of the ones you don’t want?

Well, it isn’t always easy to get rid of pests in the home. Some of them will be far more difficult to eradicate than others. Some of them you’ll be able to deal with on your own, while others will require that you hire a professional.

Killing Things That Fly

From wasps and yellow jackets to moths and flies, your home attracts flying bugs. It’s bound to happen. Some of these pests are scary, some of them are fairly harmless, but they’re all likely to bug you in some way.

Getting rid of moths is an important thing if you want to avoid holes in your clothes and furniture. Prevention starts with packing and storing items better, and investing in some moth balls. If you already have moths you may need to contact an exterminator.

Bees normally just need to be killed or shooed outside. Mosquitoes and fruit flies can usually be tempted by some sort of trap. When it comes to fruit flies you want to remove what’s attracting them. Check for old fruit.

Dealing With Creepy Crawlies

Things that crawl in the night, or all day, can be extremely annoying. They can cause all sorts of issues as well, depending on who is bugging you. Some creepy crawlies can damage your home, some can ruin your pantry food, and some of them might just bite you.

Spiders generally aren’t a big concern unless they’re biting you or you have a major infestation. Spiders will eat other bugs, like mosquitoes. There are numerous ant species that can get in your home, and carpenter ants bite. They’ll move into rotted wood in your home and burrow holes through the wood frame.

Bed bugs are probably one of the worst, although cockroaches can be kind of gross too. Roaches come with messes or living in the warm south. Bed bugs drink your blood and can best be gotten rid of with the help of a professional.

Eradicating Rodents

Rodents can be the most damaging of the pests you may find in your home. Mice will eat through food and walls. They might even nibble on your toes when you sleep.

They want the same things you do- food, warmth, and water. Block their way in, make it so they can’t get food and water easily, and you’ll be able to avoid them. If you have a pretty bad infestation, you definitely want to have someone professional come in, they’ll know how to get rid of them and prevent more from coming in.


Pests are found all over the world. Even in Boise where it is consistently voted one of the best places to live. There are many pests in Boise such as ants, earwigs, spiders and rodents C which is why you need pest control!

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